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    ADDICTION OF SMOKING, ALCOHOL, SOCIAL MEDIA, DRUGS, GAMBLING Addiction if not timely checked can become fatal, yet the body can be cured if treated before it is too late. Addiction develops from childhood in various ways, sometimes love of parents, sometimes strong likes which are misunderstood and nourished. Scientifically addiction is a brain disorder, turning habit into obsessive chronic disorder. Being exposed to a certain addictive stimulus the addict understands the addiction as beneficial in some way or the other to him. Food, drugs, alcohol, sexual perversion, high thrill gaming or gambling, social media, phones , etc Before treating addiction all medical examinations should be done, so that the right picture is in front of the patient and the therapist. The healer should be able to cure addiction as well as take care of the patients withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, tremors, anger, depression etc. Addiction could be genetic or derived from the environment. Food addictions usually starts in childhood and others mostly in adolescent age. People who have complexes, depression, anxiety, phobia, stress after a trauma, aggression, ego are more prone to start an addictive substance which he feels is a mood booster. In sujok we can work on all these fields, improving the will power of the individual will help to leave the bad habit. We understand will power as dryness energy and metal element in the traditional onnuri medicine. Increasing the will power will reduce the desire of addiction, this means being consistent in following rules. Understanding addiction as excess of heat energy or the fire element. For addiction of smoking there could be excess of desire or heat energy in the lung meridian. On the chakra level the svadhishthana chakra in the unified level is tonified which as probably depleted and shrunk reducing the will power of the addict to an all time low. The vishuddha chakra is sedated or shrunk by sujok therapy which has enlarged in addicts, creating an abnormal desire for addiction, thus reducing the strong desire of the addictive substance, the will power or the dryness energy on the sahasrara chakra is also tonified. The sahasrara chakra is the master chakra which has to be informed. Further the with drawl symptoms and cravings are dealt with according to specific addictive substance. • In food addiction heat energy or desire is reduced in the stomach • In smoking heat energy or desire is reduced in the lungs • for a social media addicts, the heat energy or desire is reduced in the sense organs of sight Adopting a habit is in ones hands but quitting it is not in his hands hence the word addiction means the habit which rules the brain, creates conflicts in relationships, decrease performance at work, reduces the savings, makes change in behavior and sleep patterns and gives suicidal thoughts . Having a good self esteem and respect of self should makes the patient to do physical exercise with discipline at fixed hours, eat healthy food, acquire healthy life skills. Practice pranayam or breathing exercises. Eating plenty of fresh vegetables is a good habit to begin with and later specific diet could be followed, water is a great healer and amruth, it should be sipped throughout the day to keep the body comfortably hydrated. Breathing exercises and meditation calms the mind, which leads to thinking positively about one self. Fasting is like de addiction. Having a strong will power and ultimately helping the body, mind and soul. sometimes, we must break our old habits good or bad, just to keep a check on our will power. We should be able to say no to regular entertainment, a visit to a restaurant or weekly outing to keep a check on desires. . For more info visit us at http://alkasujokacupuncture.com/ADDICTION-OF-SMOKING-ALCOHOL-SOCIAL-MEDIA-DRUGS-GAMBLING-Addiction-if-not-timely-checked-can-become-fatal-yet-the-body-c/b180
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