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    Healthy eating, Sleeping well, concentrating in work, keeping a happy profile, spending happy time with family and friends, not popping pills and not complaining about health are signs of good health. Since food helps our body to grow and repair, everyone who cooks is a healer, a doctor and a nurse, so dear home doctors please think and cook. 
     we need to feel healthy, energetic, pain free, comfortable, sleep well, and do normal activities like walking, talking, digesting food with ease without feeling heavy. Too many times running to the toilet or sitting for long passing rocks is not a happy life. 

    Eat to live or live to eat is a question we can joke about. But on a more serious note if we eat consciously I am sure it is a boon to our health. If there is any discomfort with the body or mind, altering the food can bring ease, for example if there is problem at work and we still eat food which definitely go for foods which are easy on the stomach and generally by eating is difficult to digest we will feel more unwell, so in such situations we must them the brain releases happy hormones.
    The easiest way to keep comfortable and light or happy with our body is to follow a diet with about 60 percentage of vegetables, that makes it about 6 cups of vegetables. These vegetables can be added with little ricesteamed or cooked vegetables and later on raw can be added when their digestion
    or millets to make a meal. People with weak digestion should consume only improves. Vegetables should start from breakfast otherwise you will not reach your target.  A handful of soaked nuts for vegetarians, and moderate amount of fish, chicken, or eggs for non vegetarians, could be also good for the body.  Greens, sprouts, with salad vegetables, soups, boiledvegetables, with a lot of changes and new ideas from the world cuisines to local foods, gourds of all varieties, beans etc are great for the stomach.Hence Vegetables cover 60 % of your every meal and the rest could be carbohydrates, fats proteins, calcium etc in different forms like meat, pulses, grains, fruits healthier and happier, he can adopt this new way of living. and some dairy. They give energy to the body, keep the digestion and metabolismin good form. When we try this diet for a week or so and if the patient feels

    Herbal teas like ginger, lemon grass, cinnamon, tulsi, mint,hunza or Kashmiri khava tea to name a few, are good warm drinks to improve metabolism. 
    Infused water with fruits and greens like mint, lemon skins and slices of oranges, cucumbers etc are great as summer coolers. 
    If the problem is inflammation and heat in the body, raw vegetables can help, cereals create a lot of heat hence they should not be consumed in large quantity. 
    Sugar again causes inflammation, so sugar itself is very harmful. fruits for patient who have inflammation in the body should be less sweet, and in a small quantity. Sweets should be consumed with restrain. Dairy is again very debatable, for the feeling of heat,acidity and burning, milk can create a problem, avoiding it for a while, the patient can understand if it agrees with his system or not. 



    Water is life,water has nutrients important for our health, the intake of water should be done properly in a certain manner . Drinking water first thing in the morning,sip by sip just like we drink tea, before brushing or rinsing the mouth, is important. The body uses all the saliva made by the salivary glands in the night and put it to good use.

    Saliva is very precious, it is secreted by the salivary glands in the oral cavity ie the mouth , it contains enzymes which break down food into simpler digestible form. If we do not use this saliva properly we will never be healthy, obesity will always be a problem. Salivary glands are activated by sense organs, chewing well, and slowly eating and sipping water. 30% of starch is digested in the mouth itself , hence it is important to activate the salivary glands, give full attention to food that we eat, chew it well, and use all the saliva that the body makes.

    Warm water further improves the weak stomach and improves the blood circulation.

    Adding a few drops of lime to the warm water further washes away the fat deposits and detoxes the digestive system.

    When we drink water sip by sip, swirling the water in the mouth, the water gathers the saliva in the oral cavity, which is alkaline in nature , on reaching the stomach it changes the extra acidic environment of the stomach and neutralises it .

    Drinking water first thing in the morning will cure bloating, acidity, inflammation of joints, obesity , acid reflux , growing waistline. Improving metabolism, is also taken care of. lukewarm water helps to reduce menstrual cramps , body pains, swelling in the joints Drinking warm water throughout the day sip by sip, will help to detox and lose weight.


    Sujok Acupuncture Is useful in obesity management. It helps improve the functioning of the spleen, stomach and kidneys .

    Acupuncture also works by reducing appetite.

    Removing depression and balancing the hormones.

    Fat cells accumulate in the body by eating too much and having less than sufficient physical activity.

    Catch obesity in childhood, this will reduce chances of high sugar, high blood pressure , high cholesterol , and stroke.

    Gall bladder disease, osteoarthritis, gout, breathing problems, sleep apnea, depression, low self esteem, some times even leads to low job profiles.

    People with BMI of 30 and above are considered obese.

    Genetics is another factor that influences weight .Where the fat is stored and where it is distributed is also governed by hereditary factors.

    Avoiding processed and fast foods, limiting alcohol, saturated fats, salt, sugar, eating enough of fruits and vegetables of different colours, whole grains, lean meat and fish, plenty of water half an hour before and after food.

    Quantity of food also matters.

    Once the body balance is restored by sujok the improved metabolism will process food properly .Fat or adipose tissue is mostly due to phlegm and dampness. The spleen is the root of phlegm production and is involved in transportation of body fluids. Spleen is damaged by eating too much fatty food and deficient exercise.

    Dyspepsia is caused by stomach heat and poor spleen functioning. Greasy food also damages the spleen. Chee or energy stagnation causes turbid phlegm accumulation. In Emotional disturbance, menstrual issues, old and middle aged people liver is adversely affected. Kidney becomes deficient leading to exhaustion, fatigue, lower back and knee pains, shortness of breath, impotency , low libido, deep and fine pulse and a pale tongue without coasting .

    Obesity needs life style changes and discipline .

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