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    Brain is an organ just like the heart and lung. A visit to a mind doctor is respectable and necessary as we go to a cardiologist. In sujok we deal with brain problems like dementia just like we treat a disc prolapse. Sujok massage, acupuncture, magnets , seeds, touch by finger have been documented all over the world for looking after the brain health.

    Early signs of memory loss are visible to patients themselves also but beyond telling friends in general , very few people go to a therapist to check the degeneration and take treatment for the brain. In India we only start worrying when our parents suddenly fall sick by taking their blood pressure or sugar tablets twice or forgetting them altogether. Sometimes it is just understood as old age when they ask for another lunch or become aggressive or don’t sleep well. The disorientation is so much that after getting up middle of the night they don’t know what to do. Inability to recognize family and friends is common. The saddest case in my knowledge, is the famous ghazal singer of Hyderabad Shri Vitthal Rao ji who lost his way in a temple and was found dead in a railway station after more than a month. Dementia and fast degeneration can be checked if taken for treatment early.


    Certain types of depressions

    Uncomfortable in social gatherings

    Faulting in cognitive skills

    Confused with dates and time

    Fumbling for words

    Slow in decision making





    Uncomfortable outside their homes

    It is normal for the brain to start shrinking with age.


    “Why my heel hurts when I put my foot down from the bed” is a question a lot of people wonder about, this is called plantar fasciitis. Pain at the back of the heel is an inflammation of a tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot and connects the heel bone to the toes. This connective tissue also supports the arch.

    Repeated injury, a tear or overstretching can cause the fascia to get reddened.

    Over weight, wrong shoe, wrong aerobic exercise, long standing profession, flat foot, abnormal walking style, high arch of the foot, arthritis, bone spur, bone infection, tumor or fracture can all lead to plantar fascia. If ignored this can also lead to knee, hip or back bone problems.

    Numbness in the feet. Peripheral nerve damage , this could be due to diabetes, infection, vitamin D deficiency or alcohol. Swollen feet could be due to lymphatic system, blood clot, thyroid issues, pregnancy or kidney problem.

    Burning feet could be due to diabetes, peripheral nerve damage, vitamin B deficiency, hypothyroidism, kidney dysfunction.

    Sores in the feet that do not heal can also be a sign of diabetes.

    Swelling of the big toe could be caused by an injury due to playing on hard surface. Also check the liver condition and lymphatic system. It could be gout.

    Pain in the swollen toes could be due to thickening of the tissue near the nerve and irritating it.

    Itchy skin or yellow nails, white nails, pitting nails on the foot is normally psoriasis, eczema or fungus.

    Foot spasm is due to tired feet, deficiency of minerals and vitamins, dehydration or poor circulation.

    Sujok has acupuncture points which can heal all the above problems without any drugs by balancing the energies and removing the blockages, breaking the pain balls etc. Having the free flow of energy , blood flow and the vital force intact will solve all problems. The kidney essence should be balanced for most problems of the foot.


    Hiccup is usually an embarrassing unintended voice from the throat after a spicy hearty meal in a restaurant or a party. Hiccup could be one or many lasting for a few minutes or in severe cases for days or weeks.

    Eating spicy food

    Eating too quickly

    Eating cold meats

    Drinking too much alcohol

    Excitement or stress of any kind

    Stress on the vegas or pherenic nerve

    Head injuries, ulcers, pancreatitis in difficult cases are few causes of hiccups. The diaphragm contracts for any of these reasons , this creates sudden filling of air in the lungs which closes the glottis. Glottis is the valve above the vocal chords . This closes the vocal chord by a lightening speed which makes the hiccup sound. In hindi language it is called hichki. In telugu it is ekkillu In tamil it is vikkal.

    For the treatment in sujok acupuncture the therapist will relax the diaphragm, Vegas nerve, glottis and the vocal chords. If the stomach fire is too much the hiccups will be loud and strong. If there is stagnation of energy in the stomach or at the diaphragm they will be continuous and small. This is more of coldness energy. Here moxibustion is a great remedy.

    calming the mind helps to relax the system on the whole.

    Meditation is helpful in chronic cases.


    Drinking a glass of water in one gulp.


    Pulling the tongue down

    Laxative herb Water infused with mint


    Some one suddenly changes the mood.


    Spoon of sugar or brown sugar

    Some one scolds or shouts at the patient

    Bend down and drink water from the other side of the glass.

    Licorice root

    Quickly drinking 30 ml of lime juice.

    Drinking part by part one mouthful of water in seven times with pressure.


      Trigeminal neuralgia is a shooting pain on the face like an electric shock, usually for a very short duration (thank fully). The 5th cranial nerve of the face is irritated due to the swelling of the blood vessel nearby. This pain is mostly unilateral, and branches out into three areas of the face. The 1st branch is towards the fore head and eye brows. 2nd eyes, cheek and upper jaw. 3rd toward the lower jaw. Any normal activity like opening the mouth, brushing, chewing, talking, or eating or direct wind on the face can trigger an attack. This may lead to severe pain, weakness, numbness or paralysis of muscles. Repeated trauma on the nerve damages the myelin which is the insulation on the nerve fiber. Hence the information through the nerve is not passed perfectly creating all the problems .Sujok helps in reducing the pressure of the blood vessel. Releasing the blocked energies instantly gives relief, treatment soon after an episode results in less severity in the next episode and with some sessions a cure is achieved.


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