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    COLOR THERAPY (Healing through Colors)
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    Color Therapy can be practiced by normal sketch pens, stones, beads, leaves, flowers and seeds. Different Colours have different healing properties. To heal we can apply a certain color to the correspondence point on the hand or foot of the diseased organ. Colour dotsare applied for tonifying or sedating different forces under the tri origin theory of hetre,neutro, homo and neuto forces.. Energy lines known as the meridians can also be neutralised by applying colour. New born babies who we will not like to give acupuncture, can be treated just by putting a color dot on his hand or foot.people who have fear of needles can also be treated just by colour. Eating foods of certain colors like red color strawberries, pomegranates, tomatoes can reduce depression. Eating green vegetables like green leafy veggies, peas, green grapes, lime can help in reducing weight. Wearing clothes of certain colors are also therapeutic. Infertility in men with oozerspermia (No sperm at all) are treated by requesting them to wear black loose underwear.
    Sam Won Gong
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    Sam Won Gong is a new motional physical exercise in comparison to other exercises .We can enhance energy by stretching our body vertically. This will also activate our mind, body and soul. There are 8 vertical lines in our body running equidistance and parallel to each other in the body including hands and legs. Metaphysically energy runs along these vertical channels when we eat, breath, when the blood, lymph and nerve impulses are transmitted. Therefore exercising Sam Won Gong we have opportunity to be aware of our body in order to correctly control our energies. We can diagnose and treat diseases with this theory . People can learn Sam Won Gong and keep their energies balanced.
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