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    We use micro magnets which are stick shaped magnets called bar magnets, small round magnets called byol magnets, star magnets, ring magnets, chakra magnets, etc. These magnets can influence the byol meridians in the palm and foot or the organs represented in palm and foot. Energies in the meridians whether excessive or deficient, can be diagnosed by changing the directions. As a rule energy moves from north to south. So we first place north end of the bar magnet and then the south along the direction of the meridian to tonify it. Very fast results can be achieved by correct application of the magnets. Magnet therapy is non-invasive and can be used for children and adults alike. Similarly magnets can be placed on the correspondence organs to balance their energies. Chakra balancing is done with the help of magnets as well. Zonal Sujok Ki with the help of magnets gives very fast results. It is amazing to know that a match stick can also be used like a magnet without knowing its north and south pole. Every living object can be interestingly used to transfer energy.
    Sam Won Gong
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    Sam Won Gong is a new motional physical exercise in comparison to other exercises .We can enhance energy by stretching our body vertically. This will also activate our mind, body and soul. There are 8 vertical lines in our body running equidistance and parallel to each other in the body including hands and legs. Metaphysically energy runs along these vertical channels when we eat, breath, when the blood, lymph and nerve impulses are transmitted. Therefore exercising Sam Won Gong we have opportunity to be aware of our body in order to correctly control our energies. We can diagnose and treat diseases with this theory . People can learn Sam Won Gong and keep their energies balanced.
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