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    Sujok is a drugless therapy to heal and put a person to ease from his dis-eased self. The Korean word Su means hand and Jok is foot. Thus, Sujok is a therapy using hands and feet. The inventor of the science is Prof. Park Jae Woo. It is very interesting to note that the structure of the hand and foot demonstrates a surprising similarity with the structure of the human body. This similarity is the manifestation of deep inner relationship existing between the body and the hand or the foot. Sujok family has understood this close relationship of hand and foot with the body. Su Jok is a theory based on the fundamental traditional information of • Korean acupuncture, • Chinese acupuncture, • Indian Chakra system, • Egyptian Pyramid Energy System, • Mesopotamian Spiral Energy stem. In Su Jok therapy treatment is given at various levels i.e.  Physical  Metaphysical (bio energy system of the body)  Emotional (mind)  Reason (brain, intellectual) The Su Jok therapy is not only a mode of healing but it explains the laws of nature in the form of natural laws and philosophy of existence.
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    A scientific Movement to control Body, Mind & Soul SAM means Tri, WON means Origin, DONG means Movement or Motion Benefits of Samwondong Harmonizes and Rejuvenates Body, Mind & Soul. One can feel and channelize the energy of body. Helps to keep healthy and fit and control weight. Improves body balance and flexibility, builds up strength. Helps to treat Physical, Mental and Emotional problems. Relieves stress. Provides ability to control energies by consciousness. Promotes deeper meditation to achieve real self perfection.
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    Smile is perfection, a perfect situation gives birth to a smile. It is the basic nature of the living world, be it humans or animals whenever they are happiest they smile naturally. Its a natural instinct and the language understood world wide. The world and smile appeared together , we smile and exist .Death is wondrous too. As ignorance fades away smile appears. It might appear even at deathbed. Smile guarantees success and a harmonious life. While we smile we are with God. If we maintain this smile we are always accompanied by God . Sujok therapy is aimed at perfection . We also teach smile taiji to harmonize body and mind and soul. Smile meditation is the most effective independent system for those who really wish to become observant, widen their horizon, become richest in knowing the mysteries of longevity ,and make the life on our planet perfect. We can meditate with an artificial smile and reversely create a happy body, mind and soul. We Sujok healers teach and practice smile meditation.
    Sam Won Gong
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    Sam Won Gong is a new motional physical exercise in comparison to other exercises .We can enhance energy by stretching our body vertically. This will also activate our mind, body and soul. There are 8 vertical lines in our body running equidistance and parallel to each other in the body including hands and legs. Metaphysically energy runs along these vertical channels when we eat, breath, when the blood, lymph and nerve impulses are transmitted. Therefore exercising Sam Won Gong we have opportunity to be aware of our body in order to correctly control our energies. We can diagnose and treat diseases with this theory . People can learn Sam Won Gong and keep their energies balanced.
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