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    SLIP DISC Whenever and wherever you are positioned just give a thought to your body, are you comfortable? This will keep all the muscles of the body relaxed and free from pain. Sujok therapy allows free flow of energies and reduces pain which is due to their stagnation. Needles, seeds, magnets, leaves, sticks, colour all are used to harmonies the body and its five elements. In the Sujok correspondence theory, the body is represented on the hand and foot. The spine is represented on the yang (nail) side of the hand where the cervical spine start from the 1st joint of the thumb. Go straight to the wrist this is part of the thoracic spine, then start from the middle of the wrist to the area between the tall finger and the ring finger. This starts with thoracic 9 to 12, then lumbar, sacrum and lastly coccyx. we stimulate this area by rubbing, massaging , coloring , needling or putting seeds (with a paper tape).The pain ball would be broken giving healing to the patient. Our back bone is not one single big bone but made up of pieces called vertebra's, to give flexibility and bending capacity. There is a disc between these vertebra's to prevent them from rubbing against each other and causing inflammation. Sometimes due to shock in an accident, while jumping, lifting weights these discs move out of their place. Sometimes due to degeneration of the bone these vertebra's can’t hold the disc, hence slip out. Working on computer for long hours usually gives cervical herniation , massaging on the correspondence neck will give relief. Lifting or pushing heavy weight can injure the lumber disc. Lack of exercise makes the muscle weak hence they cannot handle any difficult situation. The liquid inside the disc depletes due to age , de shaped disc is bulged out. Lumbar herniation causes sciatica pain which is a pain either on the outside or the backside of the leg. Massage on the whole sujok spine and especially on the lumbar area will stimulate and clear the pain ball. In sujok we diagnose the patient by asking him various questions like when the pain started in the first place. Tongue diagnosis, nail diagnosis, muscle diagnosis reveal a lot about the patients health. , The element of wind and humidity found in excess can create disc bulge, this is normally noticed in the digestive system, or the skeletal system. Muscle weakness, bone density, circulation issues, can be treated. Bulging of the disc is not the real reason of discomfort . Pain, numbness, weakness, tingling etc happen when the bulged disc presses on to a nerve. HERBS THAT HEAL Ginger, methi(fenugreek seeds), amla(gooseberry), ajwain(carom seeds), gondh( traganth gum), turmeric, garlic .
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