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    COLD SEASON If an individual is deficient in body heat he will not be able to defend himself from the cold or infections. When your body, specially extremities are cold the circulation of blood is deficient. For such people warm clothing, as well as covering the feet is very important. Warm and well cooked food should be taken. As the digestion becomes poor because of deficient heat, foods which are easily digestable should be consumed. Stool could have undigested food particles or loose which is an indication that the kind of food he or she is taking has to change, could avoid raw food specially in the nights. People with cold energy have a tendency to withdraw and be less communicative. Here they can tell their family intervene and help by involving them in discussions. Many time we have heard people saying that their blood pressure increased after a heated discussion. Tongue and pulse being pale and slow is also an indication of cold will. Such people start loosing identity or even friends and work. Exercise would help build heat energy. Jogging, running, physical activity will all help. Parents of such children should be careful that nobody bullies them as cold weather is equivalent to fear or emotional level will be more and the child will further deteriorate physically as well as mentally. Old people normally in the age bracket of 60 years and ahead have a lot of coldness within them, so the cold weather effects them the most. They should be given warm food, should stay more in warm room or wear enough of woollens. In no circumstances they should sit out in the open at night. Feet should always be kept warm. Soak themselves in sun during the day. Sleep early and get up after sun rises, specially for people who have a tendency to catch cold during winters. To be more fertile the couple must sleep well. They must feel fresh when they wake up. This will strengthen their chances of conceiving. Cold foods, frozen meats, preserved and stale food should be strictly avoided by everyone. You will not be surprised at catching cold after a horror film ! Rest more! Get plenty of sleep. Try to eat 5 small meals rather than 3 big meals. Ginger water is good for cold weather. Sujok Acupuncture helps to move the energies in the body, push the cold away by bringing warmth or heat energy inside. Moxibustion over appropriate acupuncture points will help a lot by introducing heat to the right points. Warm baths and warm friends are a good option too. This treatment will bring a glow to otherwise pale faces. If there is phlegm in the body with cold symptoms, then it is very important to take professional help and remove them. Cold energy is equivalent to wisdom mentally just as it is similar to fear emotionally. So fear should be used as wisdom just like in Russia, because of too much cold, where for months there's no vegetation so people started preserving food. This is a sign of wisdom. Similarly in this winter season we should live life with wisdom, careful adding warmth through desire and sunlight, warm clothing, warm soups, dry fruits instead of too much fresh and raw vegetables and fruits.
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