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    Spinal Herniation cured by SUJOK Annapurna ji aged 74 yrs came to our clinic a few months back, she had all age related problem which had become too pronounced. She could not walk properly because of hip and right leg pain, lot of burning in her feet, her posture was bent and she had severe back pain. She could not be comfortable in bed also as no side was comfortable to sleep on. Her lumbar Herniation was a big discomfort. There was difficulty turning in the bed also. She had no appetite for food and she had constipation. The point that I picked up was that there was a lot of foul smell in her mouth and her tongue was totally coated and black in colour. She was in an unhappy and depressed state. There was no smile on her face and she was coming only by force from her daughter. Now she is coming by her own wish and can walk with a straight back, there is no pain in her back, she can turn in bed and is walking comfortably. She is enthusiastic about her walking and eating her food. There is a lot of happiness , and she is also ready to take more treatments so that she can travel overseas to her daughter. We are happy to receive her blessings every day. Hyderabad is very cold these days and unlike her fears this year she did not have any difficulties in walking on the other hand she is not just walking but also walking to lose weight. To maintain the spinal health people must try to keep the posture erect, spend some time in the sun. If you work for many hours in the forward bend position then you must stretch in the opposite direction. Stand erect, stretch your neck and head towards your spine. A stretch should come on your throat while stretching the neck backwards. Then spread your arms and stretch by bending the palms from the wrist backwards. This will give and create a stretch from the shoulder to the wrist by pulling the wrist and fingers backwards. A very good exercise to do a few times a day.
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