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    Sujok is a drugless therapy to heal and put a person to ease from his dis-eased self. The Korean word Su means hand and Jok is foot. Thus, Sujok is a therapy using hands and feet. The inventor of the science is Prof. Park Jae Woo. It is very interesting to note that the structure of the hand and foot demonstrates a surprising similarity with the structure of the human body. This similarity is the manifestation of deep inner relationship existing between the body and the hand or the foot. Sujok family has understood this close relationship of hand and foot with the body. Su Jok is a theory based on the fundamental traditional information of • Korean acupuncture, • Chinese acupuncture, • Indian Chakra system, • Egyptian Pyramid Energy System, • Mesopotamian Spiral Energy stem. In Su Jok therapy treatment is given at various levels i.e.  Physical  Metaphysical (bio energy system of the body)  Emotional (mind)  Reason (brain, intellectual) The Su Jok therapy is not only a mode of healing but it explains the laws of nature in the form of natural laws and philosophy of existence.
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    Plants grow from seeds. This shows that the seeds are the powerhouse of latent energy. This latent energy is exchanged through energy respiration. The seeds which give life can also improve the health of other living beings. In Sujok the application of seeds to painful points is a very effective treatment caused by biological waves coming out from the vital activities of the seeds. Thus seeds tied to the correspondene point in the hands and feet in Sujok give a very effective treatment. Seeds of various plants differ in their properties, colour and shape. If we choose the most suitable seed the results are better. Seeds thus harmonize the hetero characteristics of the human body with their own homo properties.