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    For clues about health issues stick out your tongue and check in the mirror or see your wards tongue and try to see if it looks healthy or not. It is a strong visual indicator of well being or sickness.

    A map of the tongue will show various organ representation on it. The look of the tongue, size and shape, colour in these parts will diagnose the diseases in these organs.
    A healthy tongue is pink in colour with a thin coating. This shows all internal organs are healthy.
    A pale tongue indicates cold condition or deficient working or lack of energy or energy deficiency. A red tongue shows heat, while purple tongue is an indicator of stagnant blood or insufficient circulation. Swollen tongue which becomes bigger and when pressed against the teeth it becomes scalloped shows a deficiency.
    A thin tongue shows deficient blood.
    A thickly coated tongue shows sluggish digestion. Thick and yellowish is heat and humidity excess. It can also suggest inflammation in the GI tract.
    A peeled or cracked tongue shows insufficient lining or lack of flora in the digestive system.

    Deficiency of B12 or iron can cause tongue inflammation, dry or burning tongue.


        A nail is horn like envelop covering the tips of fingers and toes with the tough protective protein called alpha keratin. The oriental Korean philosophy believes if something happens to the interior of the body it should reflect in the exterior. A very easy way of diagnosing and checking for health problems is just looking at the nails. A healthy body is reflected by good shining nails with no ridges, discolouration, or deformity.
    The colour of the nail describes the inner health clearly like pale nails shows anaemia
    yellow nails show deficient liver and bluish hue of the nail indicates delicate lung and heart. White spots can be a sign of magnesium, calcium and zinc deficiency. Such a person could have low immunity, inflammation in GI tract, chronic loose stools or headaches.
    Vertical lines or ridges are due to deficient circulation of vitamins and other minerals in the nails and the body as the whole. With age people start getting these vertical lines. Cutting down on gluten and other inflammatory foods like cheese and meat would be good for health.
    Transverse grooves which are parallel to the moons happen usually after infection, heart issues and fever. If there are multiple lines, it shows repeated attacks of metabolism dis-functioning and infections. Sometimes it could be also a sign of over and under-functioning of the thyroid.
    Nail bed inflammation is a sign of a parasite or viral infection. Well-formed cuticles show good health of the gut or the large intestine. People with dried, rough or peeled cuticles could be constipated and would benefit by taking acupuncture.
    Lunula is a crescent shaped whitish area at the bed of a fingernail or a toenail. No moons or extremely small moons or lunula are a sign of poor metabolism or weak circulation. A good lunula can take up to one-fifth of the nail. This shows good fire and healthy metabolism. Extra large lunula could mean cardiovascular problem, heartbeat destruction and low blood pressure. It could also show high level of stress, large lunulae are found more in athletes. Grey lunulae is a sign of fatigue and poor digestion. Purple lunulae show lack of oxygen in organs and tissues. Pink lunulae indicates lung problem, and black lunulae which are very rare shows metal poisoning
    Dry and brittle nails show a problem with hormones could be thyroid or even fungal infection.
    Foods and minerals for healthy nails
    Eating herbs like cinnamon, ginger and black pepper preferably in the form of tea, fibre rich foods, green vegetables and room temperature water in intervals between foods.
    Almond, olive or coconut oil massage would help the nails externally. A good scrub with a towel after bath each day could influence good energy flow in the meridians and lead to good health.
    Foods which are a rich source of silicone and sulphur such as fish, broccoli, cauliflower and onions. Soya and whole grains are big sources of biotin which promotes healthy nails.
    The deformity in different finger nails according to oriental philosophy represent different organs which is well understood by Sujok therapists.

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