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    As I moved comfortably in the Sujok Center at Nagpur, even  in the wee hours of the morning felt completely at ease.  I have come here earlier many times, it's my house. I am at ease with the various dark areas too, I know how to handle and move through them. It's mine and even a non-functioning tap is mine which does not irritate me, can get it repaired as possible but a relaxed morning appears with a smile, the day with bright Sun brings matchless bliss into my life and later the cold of the night engulfs me with calmness and deep sleep. There's no unnecessary movement,or anxiety and a very hard core faith becomes stronger and more powerful in respect of the 'neuto' energy from the neuto-( God's ) world from where I have slipped out and come out of my own free will.

    Many times I must have come before is for sure as my ease in this world is due to my recognition of my previous births, the pain and agony, I know will pass like the seasons and there will surely be spring after the cold winters.

    I am just amazed in my mind that , the people who have a more satisfied and blissful life, live in this world with ease because they know the rules of their home!

    Here the wind blows and brings yellow flowers from beneath the earth , the ripe fruits and the ultimate growth physically, mentally and spiritually is inevitable.

    There could be depression age or pains of old age but the chuckle of new chicks and babies is the new world and a new cycle.


    Smile is a universal emotion 
    It is the supreme OM 
    It neutralizes and creates harmony 
    wear it, 
    spread it. 
    Takes you to perfection 
    Transfer it to painful body parts plant it on situations of present and past use it in your meditation. 
    Keep smiling! 

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