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    Whenever and wherever you are positioned just give a thought to your body, are you comfortable? This will keep all the muscles of the body relaxed and free from pain. Sujok therapy allows free flow of energies and reduces pain which is due to their stagnation. Needles, seeds, magnets, leaves, sticks, colour all are used to harmonies the body and its five elements. In the Sujok correspondence theory, the body is represented on the hand and foot. The spine is represented on the yang (nail) side of the hand where the cervical spine start from the 1st joint of the thumb. Go straight to the wrist this is part of the thoracic spine, then start from the middle of the wrist to the area between the tall finger and the ring finger. This starts with thoracic 9 to 12,

    then lumbar, sacrum and lastly coccyx. we stimulate this area by rubbing, massaging ,coloring , needling or putting seeds (with a paper tape).The pain ball would be broken giving healing to the patient.

    Our back bone is not one single big bone but made up of pieces called vertebra's, to give flexibility and bending capacity. There is a disc between these vertebra's to prevent them from rubbing against each other and causing inflammation. Sometimes due to shock in an accident, while jumping, lifting weights these discs move out of their place. Sometimes due to degeneration of the bone these vertebra's can’t hold the disc, hence slip out.

    Working on computer for long hours usually gives cervical herniation ,massaging on the correspondence neck will give relief.

    Lifting or pushing heavy weight can injure the lumber disc. Lack of exercise makes the muscle weak hence they cannot handle any difficult situation. The liquid inside the disc depletes due to age ,de shaped disc is bulged out. Lumbar herniation causes sciatica pain which is a pain either on the outside or the backside of the leg. Massage on the whole sujok spine and especially on the lumbar area will stimulate and clear the pain ball.

    In sujok we diagnose the patient by asking him various questions like when the pain started in the first place. Tongue diagnosis, nail diagnosis, muscle diagnosis reveal a lot about the patients health. , The element of wind and humidity found in excess can create disc bulge, this is normally noticed in the digestive system, or the skeletal system. Muscle weakness, bone density, circulation issues, can be treated. Bulging of the disc is not the real reason of discomfort . Pain, numbness, weakness, tingling etc happen when the bulged disc presses on to a nerve.


    Ginger,methi(fenugreek seeds), amla(gooseberry), ajwain(carom seeds), gondh( traganth gum), turmeric, garlic .


    Wake up to do surya namaskar or just be in the sun for a few hours a day . It is important to be in the sun, so some work which is important to you can be planned and you can be in the sun , even if you are working on your laptop. You have to understand which activity in your agenda can happen outdoors and you can also expose yourself to the sun. Sunlight is the source of energy which can actually energise us. A lot of people feel tired , even when they have not worked too hard , have eaten well and also slept well. Exposing their body to sun light will definitely help. Animals are out in the open in wilderness , most plants , flower and fruit only if they get proper sunlight . You will notice in a flowering tree the branch which is exposed to the sun, flowers more. We human beings too are from the same world , we can only be healthy if we get enough of the sun. Believe me good health makes you do better in all spheres of life. Happiness and joy follows with good health. Vitamin D can be made by the skin cells only in the presence of sunlight which has the ultra violet rays. 80% to 90% of Vitamin D is generated in the body due to the u.v rays of the sun . Supplements and food can give the rest of the 20%.vitamin. Rickets, calcium deficiency, soft bones, skeletal deformities, cardiovascular diseases, asthma can be prevented when we keep our vitamin D levels right by exposing our body to the sun.

    INFANTS _ if their milestones are delayed or they cry due to aches and pains , it is possible that they are deficient in vitamin D. It is advisable to keep them out in the sun for a few hours every day.

    CHILDREN _ if your child looks weaker than his classmates or does not match up to them in a lot of ways, which is disturbing to you, than please check his vitamin levels.

    PREGNANT WOMEN _ should spend a lot of time working or relaxing in the sun.

    TEENAGER'S _ should play some outdoor game, if they want to develop their brain further and do well in life.

    OLD PEOPLE_ should be made to sit, sleep or do their activities in the sun , this will give them a better life.

    Indians are darker skinned people , hence they require more sunlight, almost up to three to four hours in the sun , as compared to the western people including Americans who require only half an hour.In fact they have gone overboard in sun protection programmes. Too much use of sunscreen could be a hindrance in the skin making vitamin D for the body.

    The amount of sun the body requires depends on which part of the globe you are living in.

    Expose yourself to the sun and see

     * your immunity going up

     * Body becoming energetic

    *feeling no aches and pains

    * Feeling positive, not going through depression

    * Wounds healing faster , even for diabetics

    * Hair growing healthier , improving in texture, and volume

    Night shift workers can arrange to sleep in the sun, eat out , exercise outside try and do a few outdoor activities.

    Foods with natural Vitamin D are: cod liver oil tuna fish oysters egg yolk wild mushrooms soy milk.

    The quantity of the vitamin in these foods is very less, so people must bank on the sun.

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