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    Asthma is inflammation of airway passage , constriction and tightness of chest, allergy, wheezing, shortness of breath, nervous disturbance, helplessness due to night coughs, sinuses, blocked nasal passage, and skin problems. Asthma is worse in certain seasons or certain times .
    In sujok we understand that deficiency or expressiveness of three organs lungs, spleen and kidney together with external factors results in asthma.
    Childhood asthma is many times due to kidney deficiency. Weak Digestive system is also a big culprit.

    Asthma could be:

    Cold type :

    Shortness of breath. Watery mucus, thirst less and wet and whitish tongue.

    Hot type:

    • Wheezing and grasping for breath
    • Thick and yellow mucus
    • Anxiety and sweating
    • Red complexion
    • bitter taste, thirsty and red tongue.

    Kidney deficiency asthma:

    • Shortness of breath ,worsening with walking
    • Knee and low back pain
    • Ear tinnitus
    • Feeling cold

    Sujok helps

    • Release tension muscles
    • Allows the energy flow by opening the blockages
    • Strengthens the kidneys, lungs and spleen
    • Improves the Immune system
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Calms the body and nervous system

    There are also two aspects
    Energy is excessive during asthmatic attack
    Energy is deficient during the inbetween period.
    The acupuncturist treats accordingly.


    Nasal bleeding in children can be alarming but mostly it is not as serious a condition as it looks, if it happens without any injury in summers.

    *tilt the child's head slightly forward so that the blood does not flow into the throat.

    *cotton cloth could be held under the nose to collect the blood.

    *soft portion of the nose can be squeezed shut and ask the patient to breath from the mouth.

    *ice pack can be put on the forehead and bridge of the nose to constrict and repair the blood vessels.

    Indian food and herbs


    *amla powder or amla in any form

    *drops of cow ghee in the nostril or apply the ghee to the lining of the nostrils

    *green vegetables

    *bel fruit (wood apple), mint - coriander infused water, mishri water(rock sugar),

    Life style

    *Swimming keeps the body cool and hydrated

    *Avoiding strenuous exercises is better as not to overheat the body

    *summer time avoid spicy and greasy food

    *red meat can also be taken sparingly

    *salads are cooling

    The nasal lining of the nose is lined with tiny blood capillaries, due to the dry air in the summer season the fragile lining breaks, and the nose bleeds.

    Dry heat creates this problem hence the house could be humidified with few green plants indoors.

    Nose is the openings of the lungs, we have to diagnose if there is excess of heat energy in the lungs. The child could be suffering from sinusitis, dry cough, burning in the nasal passage or fever.


    Thick nasal mucus, blocked nose, pale and heaviness in the face and head, may be fever, poor sense of smell, throat pain, cough etc are signs of sinusitis, also called rhino sinusitis, the inflammation of soft tissues that line the sinuses.  

    Migraine headache can also be experienced during sinusitis attack. Snoring can also happen. pain in the facial bones or teeth.  

    A good way to heal yourself by acupressure:  

    *Massage your face with your finger tips making an english letter U simultaneously on both your cheeks with as much pressure as you can bear and like. hold the pressure where you feel stuffiness and pain.  

    * Then also make a U shape massage on your bindi area (between the brows) to the top of the head.

     * Press the sides of your nose (wings) hard , continue pressing while you go up till the root of the nose make an inverted V along the shape of your nose.

     *massage for about 20 minutes.

     * see your sinuses opening ! Dairy products, fried and sugary items trigger sinus attacks. Intake of cold liquid should also be avoided. Any cold cream or oil with eucalyptus drops / peppermint / rosemary / thyme oil will be good to massage with. excellent to open up your sinuses.  

    The massage in comfortable rhythmic motion , pressing or tapping will all heal.

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