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    Headache can ruin an entire day, headache if very intense can make you eat, over the counter pills which are usually insufficient after sometime and the dose keeps increasing.

    The real cause of headache could be Sinusitis, Indigestion, over or under sleep, alcohol, Stress, anger, blood pressure, fever, problem with the brain itself. Also, poor circulation of the blood to the brain and neck problems like Spondylosis.
    As Sujok therapist's we can diagnose the root cause of the pain, treat the real problem by stimulating the correspondence area of the head on the thumb to begin with and ultimately treat the root cause by using more modalities of energy flow therapy, six ki, tri origin, etc and ultimately curing the patient. Since sujok is a drugless therapy and for pain also no medicines are used there are no side effects .


    Fibromyalgia is a chronic painful condition which can have up to 18 specific painful points,out of which the patient should at least have 11 for him to be regarded as a patient of fibromyalgia.

    Chronic pains, sore muscles, joint pains and chronic fatigue are most common symptoms. There are these specific points on the base of the skull, lower neck, chest, elbows, knees, inner shoulder, shoulder top, upper and lower hip which are specific for fibromyalgia.

    The main reason is understood to be disorder of the central nervous system. There is disturbance in sleep, patient does not feel fresh on waking up, burning , numbness or tingling which is worse on waking up and improves with movement. Migraine headaches, light headedness, anxiety, depression, problems with memory and concentration. Symptoms usually increase with stress and change of climate or extreme weather. Over exertion, or over exercise could increase the pains.
    Cumin seeds
    Aloevera juice
    Some homeopathy remedies can be used few times a day in 200 potency
    Bryonia for pain on movement
    Rhustox for pain while resting
    Arnica for bruised feeling
    Causticum for painful conditions in dry weather
    Cimsifuga for pains which are more in neck , back and head .
    Sujok helps fibromyalgia patients to bring balance in their energy levels without drugs. Build immunity and make life painfree.

    There are no laboratory tests to prove the disease syndrome. Women are more prone to it then men. The pathogens or factors affecting the body are heat , humidity, and dryness and coldness.

    Among the organs , the major ones responsible are spleen, liver and the kidneys. Liver is the number one organ where we hold our stress in modern day life. Liver Qi stagnation will lead to liver yang rising and also heat up the blood . Liver is responsible for tendons and ligaments in the body which a weak liver damages.

    Poorly hydrated ligaments and tendons give a lot of aches and pains in the body. Liver also disturbs the heat of the heart and the mind and creates insomnia , bitter taste in the mouth and also kidney coldness deficiency. The marrow and bones are affected. Diarrhoea and constipation could be the present.. It could be genetic .

    The manner in which the brain and spinal chord perceive pain is abnormally high. The central nervous system looks at it in a much amplified manner. A massage could be painful rather than relaxing to a fibromyalgia patient due to his over sensitive response to pressure.

    Some herbs which can be useful are:

    Exercises like Sam won gong, sam won dong, yoga, pranayam, walking , playing various games of personal interest, smile meditation etc,

    Eating the foods appropriate to the body type.

    Maintaining a good life style, with time of sleeping and waking up is not very eratic. Avoiding stressful situations etc will surely reduce pains and bring happiness .

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