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    Addiction if not timely checked can become fatal, yet the body can be cured if treated before it is too late. Addiction develops from childhood in various ways, sometimes love of parents, sometimes strong likes which are misunderstood and nourished. 
    Scientifically addiction is a brain disorder, turning habit into obsessive chronic disorder. Being exposed to a certain addictive stimulus the addict understands the addiction as beneficial in some way or the other to him. Food, drugs, alcohol, sexual perversion, high thrill gaming or gambling, social media, phones , etc ..,
    Before treating addiction all medical examinations should be done, so that the right picture is in front of the patient and the therapist. The healer should be able to cure addiction as well as take care of the patient’s withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, tremors, anger, depression etc. Addiction could be genetic or derived from the environment. 
    Food addictions usually start in childhood and others mostly in adolescent age. People who have complexes, depression, anxiety, phobia, stress after a trauma, aggression, ego are more prone to start an addictive substance which he feels is a mood booster. 
    In sujok we can work on all these fields, improving the will power of the individual will help to leave the bad habit. We understand will power as dryness energy and metal element in the traditional onnuri medicine. Increasing the will power will reduce the desire of addiction, this means being consistent in following rules. 
    Understanding addiction as excess of heat energy or the fire element. For addiction of smoking there could be excess of desire or heat energy in the lung meridian. On the chakra level the svadhishthana chakra in the unified level is tonified which as probably depleted and shrunk reducing the will power of the addict to an all time low. The vishuddha chakra is sedated or shrunk by sujok therapy which has enlarged in addicts, creating an abnormal desire for addiction, thus reducing the strong desire of the addictive substance, the will power or the dryness energy on the sahasrara chakra is also tonified. The sahasrara chakra is the master chakra which has to be informed. 
    Further the with drawl symptoms and cravings are dealt with according to specific addictive substance. 
    • In food addiction heat energy or desire is reduced in the stomach 
    • In smoking heat energy or desire is reduced in the lungs 
    • for a social media addicts, the heat energy or desire is reduced in the sense organs of sight 
    Adopting a habit is in ones hands but quitting it is not in his hands hence the word addiction means the habit which rules the brain, creates conflicts in relationships, decrease performance at work, reduces the savings, makes change in behavior and sleep patterns and gives suicidal thoughts . 
    Having a good self esteem and respect of self should makes the patient to do physical exercise with discipline at fixed hours, eat healthy food, acquire healthy life skills. Practice pranayam or breathing exercises. Eating plenty of fresh vegetables is a good habit to begin with and later specific diet could be followed, water is a great healer and amruth, it should be sipped throughout the day to keep the body comfortably hydrated. Breathing exercises and meditation calms the mind, which leads to thinking positively about one self. 
    Fasting is like de addiction. Having a strong will power and ultimately helping the body, mind and soul. sometimes, we must break our old habits good or bad, just to keep a check on our will power. We should be able to say no to regular entertainment, a visit to a restaurant or weekly outing to keep a check on desires.


    Sujok acupressure, acupuncture treatment understands summer heat energy as one of the five elements of nature called fire. We have to live in harmony with our body and also with the environment, hence people whose fire element or heat energy is constitutionally high have more growth in summers with the extra heat energy. As long as their body heat does not go more than the margin of norms they are healthy and happy. There is a lot of joy in the atmosphere, as summer represents joy .Spiritual growth is also possible during the hot summer months. People who are less in the fire element or the heat energy can get benefit from the atmospheric heat and the influence can better their lives more during summers.

    Summer is the time which gives a push to people’s desires, so we must let children do what they want, to better their talents, they will surely improve and with a lot of passion. Love blossoms in warmth, love and heat are the same energies, so smile and enjoy with friends and family. Much more chances for infertile couples to conceive. This is the best time to start a family.

    If a person lacks in heat energy in him, or in other words the fire in him is lacking, he could be under depression, this too can be cured by increasing the heat in his body through Sujok and summer is the best time to work with such patients and balance their meridians and chakras and bring harmony to their life. When the heat energy is balanced the heart is functioning normally, and the person keeps a happy disposition.

    Excess of heat energy can give high blood pressure and even maniac condition. Balanced fire will keep the digestion perfect too with the small intestine breaking down the food well. Too much fire can give insomnia, sun stroke, sudden collapse, high fever, heart palpitation, burning sensation in the body and the skin, discomfort due to heat which is more in these people than the people around them. Rapid pulse, headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, vertigo and dizziness, excess sweating, abnormal thirst, dry and cracked lips, burning in urine, and constipation.

    Take electrolytes, eat less sugar and less chilies, hydrate with sips of water throughout the day, eat lots of vegetables, some amount of fruit, apple cider vinegar. Cool not cold drinking water will harmonize the heat energy within.

    Lemon eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, Tea tree oil, sandalwood oils are cooling .They take away burns and pains of summer heat.


    Acidity is heart burn , indigestion , burning , bloating and feeling of discomfort in the upper chest region.

    Stomach has acids to digest the food that we eat. If we do not eat on time , the splinter muscle of the food pipe opens demanding food , in the process the acids from the stomach rise and come out , reach even the mouth. This acid irritates the person giving discomfort .

    If foods that generate extreme heat in the stomach are eaten , the heat again pushes the valve open where again the acids come out to create acidity.

    Repeated unhealthy eating weakens the muscle and the acids keep leaking out even without reason.

    Sujok heals hyperactivity by balancing the energies in the stomach , liver , gall bladder , large intestine and strengthening the splinter muscle.


    Sit in a comfortable position.
    Place one hand on the chest and other hand on the stomach.
    When you breath the hand on the stomach should move and not the hand on the chest.
    This will strenghthen the muscle and prevent acid reflux.

    SNORING- A positive approach

    Snoring is harsh sounds produced due to obstructive air movement while sleeping. It causes sleep disturbance and deprivation to the snorer and others around them. Marital relationships improve with the correction of snoring.Loud snoring develops carotid artery disease, arteriosclerosis and ischemic stroke/brain stroke.

    To cure by Sujok we work on added symptoms

    • Improve the relaxed throat muscles.
    • Correct the muscles of the jaw and make them relaxed,
    • Work on obesity which is also around the throat
    • Clear the nasal passage
    • De addiction-as alcohol can relax the muscles of the throat.
    • Encourage the patient to sleep on his sides, as while sleeping on the back
    • the tongue falls at the back of the mouth and obstructs the air passage.
    • Deviated nasal septum
    • Nasal polyps and tonsils
    • Depression
    • Blood pressure


    NETI POT: is effective in flushing allergens out of the sinuses by cleaning the nasal passage. To use it, mix a pinch of salt with 1 glass of warm water and flush this water out through the neti pot out of each nostrils one by one.

    SING BEFORE YOU SLEEP : it tightens the muscles of the throat.

    STITCH TENNIS BALL: on back of your shirt so that you do not sleep on your back.


    Kaliphos, Kalisulph

    Nux vomica, Dulcamara

    Opium, China



    papaya, pineapple, broccoli, red bell pepper

    Eucalyptus and peppermint oils using a steam bowl.


    A stronger throat and tongue may help avoid relaxed throat muscles. Put your upper and lower molars together. Gently open mouth enough without over stretching. Do this exercise 10 to 15 times before sleeping;

    Take light meals in the night;

    Lose weight;

    Menopause - if this is the age then try and stay as fit as a fiddle;

    Asthma Check - snoring is prevalent in people who are asthmatic.


    If an individual is deficient in body heat he will not be able to defend himself from the cold or infections. When your body, specially extremities are cold the circulation of blood is deficient. For such people warm clothing, as well as covering the feet is very important. Warm and well cooked food should be taken. As the digestion becomes poor because of deficient heat, foods which are easily digestable should be consumed.

    Stool could have undigested food particles or loose which is an indication that the kind of food he or she is taking has to change, could avoid raw food specially in the nights.

    People with cold energy have a tendency to withdraw and be less communicative. Here they can tell their family intervene and help by involving them in discussions. Many time we have heard people saying that their blood pressure increased after a heated discussion.

    Tongue and pulse being pale and slow is also an indication of cold will. Such people start loosing identity or even friends and work.

    Exercise would help build heat energy. Jogging, running, physical activity will all help.

    Parents of such children should be careful that nobody bullies them as cold weather is equivalent to fear or emotional level will be more and the child will further deteriorate physically as well as mentally.

    Old people normally in the age bracket of 60 years and ahead have a lot of coldness within them, so the cold weather effects them the most. They should be given warm food, should stay more in warm room or wear enough of woollens. In no circumstances they should sit out in the open at night. Feet should always be kept warm. Soak themselves in sun during the day.

    Sleep early and get up after sun rises, specially for people who have a tendency to catch cold during winters. To be more fertile the couple must sleep well. They must feel fresh when they wake up. This will strengthen their chances of conceiving.

    Cold foods, frozen meats, preserved and stale food should be strictly avoided by everyone.

    You will not be surprised at catching cold after a horror film !

    Rest more! Get plenty of sleep. Try to eat 5 small meals rather than 3 big meals.

    Ginger water is good for cold weather.

    Sujok Acupuncture helps to move the energies in the body, push the cold away by bringing warmth or heat energy inside.

    Moxibustion over appropriate acupuncture points will help a lot by introducing heat to the right points.

    Warm baths and warm friends are a good option too. This treatment will bring a glow to otherwise pale faces.

    If there is phlegm in the body with cold symptoms, then it is very important to take professional help and remove them.

    Cold energy is equivalent to wisdom mentally just as it is similar to fear emotionally. So fear should be used as wisdom just like in Russia, because of too much cold, where for months there's no vegetation so people started preserving food. This is a sign of wisdom. Similarly in this winter season we should live life with wisdom, careful adding warmth through desire and sunlight, warm clothing, warm soups, dry fruits instead of too much fresh and raw vegetables and fruits.


    Itching is caused by heat energy which dries the skin , makes it red and hot, dehydrates and makes the person thirsty irritated and feeling itchy Heat could be accompanied with wind energy or humidity energy. The patient could be constipated, have flaky skin. Blood deficiency which reduces the circulation of blood gives insomnia or sleeplessness , as heat rises and effects the quality of sleep. If heat is accompanied with dampness there is constant itching with may also give loose stools. Dry and extreme itch can also be accompanied with dry cough or even difficulty in swallowing. Itching could increase during periods of girls as heat increases in the body. Itching can increase in summer or rainy season depending on the type of itch. A patient could have heart burn too. Calming down by meditation or controlling the mind will reduce the excess of heat energy and hence the itching. Cutting down caffeine in the form of tea, coffee, or green tea will all reduce itching. Wheat in any form or spicy food may create heat and itching. Sweet foods act as allergen by increasing yeast production, infection and itching. Alcohol and oily foods also give heat and humidity with heavily coated tongue. Dairy products could also create inflammation. Some home remedies include Aloevera Coconut oil Garlic Neem Turmeric paste Mint juice or paste. All these ingrediants can be used externally or internally. Through sujok acupuncture , the excessive yang heat energy is reduced, improves the immunity , digestion and metabolism, lung and large intestine energies are balanced. Excessive heat , humidity and dryness in the body are taken care of. It is important to have good excretion, good defication ie stool every day at the same time in the Morning , best between 5 to 7am. Drinking enough water and washing and keeping the skin pores clean and open to sweat out clean. Hormones some times play havoc which too have to be taken care of. Dryness energy effects the lungs which should be exercised through exercise , yoga , running or playing. This helps in improving the skin.


    When a body's immune system mistakes a harmless substance as an enemy , it perceives it as an allergin and develops an allergic reaction in the form of inflammation, in the hope to throw it out of his system.

    When a person's lungs and spleen Qi (energy) is deficient, the digestive system becomes weak , mucus is created and remains in the body as lymph or sinuses or cold or heavy head with sneezing , itching, pains, diarrhoea, sore throat, skin problems, rheumatism etc

    The oriental (eastern philosophy) strategy is to repel wind with heat, humidity and cold .

    Wind is more in spring season with pollen from plants which irritates a lot of people.
    Certain foods are also perceived by people as their allergins.
    Changing weather is also not accepted easily, as it is feared as a catalyst to allergy .

    Acupuncture not only gives relief in nasal congestion , it reprogrammes the body to accept allergins without the body unnecessarily over reacting to them and eliminating the allergy all together.

    The aim is to keep the spleen healthy by keeping the digestive system in good condition by eating the right foods and lungs healthy by exercise .

    Sujok makes the deficient lungs and spleen balanced and the person allergy free.

    There is no need to eat anti allergy drugs all through your life. Just check your deficiencies and excesses and correct them.


    Chronic fatigue syndrome has constant fever like symptoms, general pains all over the body, memory loss, inability to perform mental or physical activity even after a good period of rest.
    Adrenal fatigue, anaemia, hypothyroidism, lack of dopamine, inflammation in the body, liver failure, kidney or heart disease, diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea, menopause, fevers like typhoid and pregnancy are some of the reasons for lethargy and fatigue.
    Ways to become healthy :
    • Improving the Immune system
    • Dietary changes
    • Sam won dong
    • Sam won gong
    • Light exercise
    • Walking
    • Rest
    • Meditation
    • Quiet reading
    • Just relaxing the open
    • Sleep
    Fatigue can result in anxiety, anger, fear, mood swings, depression, poor concentration, headaches, unexplained weight loss or gain, skin discoloration, weak voice, poor appetite, afternoon fevers etc.
    Treatment modalities:
    Moxibustion.-transmits heat energy to acu points , and relieves a person from exhaustion.
    Acupuncture- activates the body's internal energy in the meridians, chakras and the correspondence points.
    Micromagnets chanalise the energies .
    Colour therapy is also very effective specially in infants and children


    To balance the life force energy with in us with that off the universe we have to understand that we are made up of the same five elements as the nature.






    Cold season means that in the nature coldness energy is more. Hence proportionately the coldness in our human body will also be more as we are a microcosm of the universe.

    We human beings are comfortable with 98.4 degree Fahrenheit temperature. To bring the temperature up and reduce the cold energy we wear warm clothes, eat foods which give warmth to the body .

    We also balance the energies by acupuncture, acupressure, colour therapy and magnets. By balancing the organs or meridians or the chakra system of the body good health can be achieved.

    Rising with the sun

    Eating what grows in the season, dressing up warmly

    Eating the right foods like

    Hot soup

    Food cooked on slow fire so that heat energy is infused in the food

    Appropriate fats and proteins

    Meat, fish, eggs, sesame, rice, dates., bamboo shoots, mushrooms, nuts specially walnuts.

    Tea coffee

    Onions are pungent root vegetables which clear phlegm

    Turnips, radish, beets, potatoes, yam

    Apples, pears, citrus fruits

    Garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom

    High calorie fried foods are not recommend as they cause excessive heat accumulation in lungs and stomach causing bronchitis, sore throat, peptic ulcers and skin problems.

    Since the metabolic rate slows down in winters the appetite increases so check what should be eaten.

    Consumption of sweets depletes the immune system

    Water at room temperature or warm is good since cold water again introduces coldness energy and also slows down the metabolism .


    Respecting the time of year enjoy a slower pace in sync with nature. This polishes the relationship between the heart and the kidney , which represent the fire and water element.


    A fall in the temperature of even one-degree centigrade can lead to many health problems.

    As we become cold in the winter season, the blood vessels constrict forcing the water out. This makes the blood thicker, which may develop clots and increase the risk of heart problems. People who have weaker lungs may develop emphysema, bronchitis, asthma. Lower back pain, knee pains and other joint pains. A problem with frequent urination or urinary retention, fatigue, vertigo, anxiety, fear, high blood pressure and headaches are also usually seen.

    Dressing properly is very important to keep the body warm, by covering the neck and shoulder with the scarf especially for very young and old people will prevent them from catching a cold. The cold energy enters through the foot. It is important to wear socks which are right for the particular temperature. The amount of heat that you can lose your head depends on how thick your hair is.

    Women usually feel colder than men. It’s a good idea to wear clothes in layers which allows adjusting the body temperature during night and day temperature or in different levels of activities. Drinking excess alcohol causes the blood vessels to widen due to which the body heat is lost faster. Washing of hands in winters is important as cold, cough, sneezing etc, transmits germs when we touch the eyes, nose and mouth. Taking shower with very hot water will open the pores of the skin which will let the warm energy out. Hence warm water is a better option.

    We have to live in harmony with the seasons. For this, we have to change our habits so that there is a balance between the body and environment. It would be a great idea to wake up as the sun rises, sit in the sun for some time if possible, and eat the fruits and vegetables which are grown in the winter season and also the food of your native land which is constitutionally good for you. These keep the immune system strong and keep away the diseases.

    Food can be cooked on slow fire with less water. Keeping healthy in winters will keep the youthfulness intact and prevent ageing. In winters especially reduce the quantity of salt. Drink sufficient water, avoid horror films if you have a tendency to catch a cold (fear is coldness energy) and try to keep away from stressful situations. In the winter month or in old age which is the winter of life, the bodies begin to dry. The hair and bones become brittle and the skin becomes rigid just like mind also becomes inflexible dry and cold. All red fruits and root vegetables, cabbage, etc., will bring heat and keep away the cold. So depending on your body type you can balance and maintain your body temperature. Citrus fruits, nuts, dry fruits, strawberries, black beans, kidney beans, walnuts, sesame seeds, red chillies, ginger tea, onions, turmeric and mustard oil, and most black foods will nourish the body.

    Animals hibernate in winters. For human beings also it is important to take more rest, sleep well, and reduce long working hours. A good time to meditate, look inwards and connect to our inner soul, relaxing the mind and calming the emotions. Ears are the organs which get affected in winters. Among the body parts, the bones get more affected. People who take non-vegetarian food can consume bone soup.

    Some people enjoy the winters, who actually have a deficiency of coldness energy in them. Such people can receive energy from the environment. They can actually walk barefoot on the grass or the earth. There are people who do not feel healthy during winters, so they have to follow the above regimes thereby harmonizing their bodies.

    Fear is the main emotion of winters. Wisdom is the mental energy which is also associated with the cold. There is a thin line between fear and wisdom. Old age is the age of wisdom.


    Until the food is chewed into the finest paste do not gulp it down your throat.
    Chewing food in your mouth helps to break down big morsels into digestible paste. The sense of taste is only on the tongue, so as much as we can retain it in the mouth we must enjoy the taste of food. Beyond that it is only work for the digestive system. It is not necessary to take a second helping of your favorite cake, enjoy it by chewing it properly, keeping it in the mouth till you can make the cake into a paste. Let your sense of taste enjoy the sweetness of sugar, let the sense of smell pick up the aroma of your chocolate cake.
    The twenty minutes that you will sit with a small cup cake on the table, let the sense of sight enjoy the soft velvety cake which you will consume in smallest bites. It’s a very good idea to take a small spoon for your food,if we eat a big morsel half the food just slips down the throat without being chewed, isn’t it a good custom that Chinese eat each grain of food with chop sticks. A lot of digestive enzymes are released in the saliva which help in better metabolism. When the food is exposed to the saliva by being in the mouth for longer duration it breaks down the fats, carbohydrates, proteins etc saliva also lubricates the food so easier on the esophagus . Eating fast is a habit, difficult to change but not impossible. Parents have to check right from childhood, the quantity of food they give to their child, is he chewing properly or not, and the size of his morsel. Hence a very conscious effort will have to be made by them and also teach them to eat in peace and not during any emotional upheaval. Don’t let your mind out of your mouth! Enjoy that morsel of your favorite food. Distracting items like watching television or reading or even too much conversation on the dining table is also not advisable. Chewing well thus helps us in losing weight and having less digestive problems like gas and bloating. The metabolic rate increases with this habit.
    Chewing slowly also makes you eat less, take at least double the time to eat your food than normal. It takes some time about 20 minutes for the brain to get the signal that the stomach is full. So eating slowly also helps the brain to judge and inform that it is time to stop eating. Mastication is done even by cows.

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