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    INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM - skin system


    Keeping the skin healthy in winter is a skill which everybody would love to learn. Skin is the largest organ and its care is not just from outside but more from inside out.

    The skin becomes dry due to external causes but it is also being affected due to the internal environment.

    Large intestine is another organ which has a see-saw balance between the lungs. Hence in cold attacks the constipation is inevitable. This has to be tackled by Sujok Acupuncture, seed or magnets or colour therapy. Drinking enough water consciously is very important as thirst condition is not there in winter months.

    **Oil could be added to bath water and applied to skin directly.**The toxins are removed from the skin by keeping our lungs and large intestine in good condition which relieves us of itchy and red skin.

    Cleaning skin with mild soap is very important two to three times a day including before sleeping. Clearing skin, scrubbing with mild scrubbing agents is important to remove dead skin and opening pores. This also improves the circulation of blood and Qi to that area, the meridian in that area gets activated and body is sparkling and shiny. Olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil etc massage also improves the blood flow.
    As an acupuncturist we can help you and identify the areas to be massaged for the particular skin issue.

    Herbs and food for the skin

    • Chandan or haldi mixed with lemon can be applied for itchy skin for about 20 minutes.
    • Application of aloe vera pulp is good for the skin. Eating aloe vera improves the health of the large intestine.
    • Drinking tulsi or basil tea is therapeutic in winter months.
    • Equal quantities of glycerin, rose water, and lemon juice can be applied for about 20 minutes.
    • Kesar mixed with olive oil or almond oil can be put on the skin, also kesar mixed with food preparation will help in clearing blemishes of the skin.
    • Carrot juice can be directly apply to the skin. Intake of carrot every day which is readily available is great practice in winter.
    • Fish, avocados, walnuts, sweet potatoes, red and yellow bell peppers, sunflower seeds, broccoli, tomatoes are some of the skin friendly foods to survive the winter months.
    Meditation is a great way to take time of and a profound opportunity for internal insight and deep introspection, unfold and step away and calm your mind. This holistic approach of mind and heart medicine will make your skin glow.

    An individual must improve his immunity to decrease body's sensitivity to cold. Among the internal organs which can look after the skin specifically are the lungs and the large intestine. Hence exercise during the winter months is very important. Breathing exercise, playing in the sun if possible, jogging, running and physical exercise would move the Qi or Chi or Energy of the lungs. Blood stagnation will also clear and along with the Qi blood flow will improve and make the skin shiny and clear.

    Please live in harmony with the nature, relax a little more in the hustle and bustle of life, keep yourself warm and well rested. This would rejuvenate you for the new year and give it a springy start.


    The most irritating part of winter is like monkeys we keep getting itchy sensation in the most awkward places. The complexion turns like burnt and the skin looks unhealthy lacking the glow and luster. Skin care starts from inside out. Water is the element associated with winters. Drinking enough water and liquids is important in winters.


    • Drink at least 8 glasses of water

    • Eat fruits like water melon, musk melon, apple, guava, papaya, pears, pomegranate, banana, aloevera pulp to keep the inside hydrated.

    • Green vegetables –slightly steamed or cooked on slow cooking is good for the skin. Cucumbers, carrots, sweet potatoes are full of the required water.

    • Nuts and seeds SKIN CARE • Skin should be washed with just lukewarm water, too much hot water will wash away the natural oils and make the skin dry.

    • Oils like cold pressed coconut, almond, olive oil can be put in a very small quantity on wet skin and after a little massage can be wiped off.

    • A drop of ghee can be put on dry and cracked lips.

    • Heels should be scrubbed to remove the dead skin. Any of these oils can be applied at bath.


    • Walking, jogging, yoga, tai-chi, especially under the morning or evening sun will rejuvenate the dull skin.


    • Mixture of glycerin +lemon juice + rose water in equal quantity can be applied 20 min before bath

    • Mixture of curd and rice flour is a good Indian liquid soap.


    • Keep plants inside the house to keep the atmosphere hydrated.

    • Bowls of water with a few drops of eucalyptus oil is very winter friendly. HAIR • Oil mixed with lime for half an hour before washing

    • 1 tea spoon full of camphor can be mixed in a 200 ml.oil bottle

    • Egg +methi seed powder+mehndi +amla powder+hibiscus powder +curd can be applied 1 hour before bath.

    • Mild shampoo

    • Dry hair only 60% if you are using a dryer.


    Hair growth is directly related to the amount of blood and proper circulation. Losing too much hair during periods is common. Sujok therapy balances and harmonizes the body restoring the energy and directing the flow of blood to the scalp.

    Liver, gall bladder and kidney essence too should be …

    Poor diet or poor assimilation of nutrients.

    Stress often causes blood stagnation resulting in poor circulation of blood Chi (energy) to the head. To nourish the hair there should be good quality of blood and chi (energy).

    Hormonal imbalance

    Thick healthy hair is a desire of all for which sujok therapy helps in stopping and reversing baldness pattern forever.

    Diet rich in essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals are good for thick hair

    Ginseng, a Chinese herb is recommended for lustrous hair.

    Harsh sun and dust damage the hair. Regular washing and cleaning of scalp is also very important .Proper hygiene of pillow, helmet, combs, and hair brushes should be maintained. Inter-using of hair brushes and towels should be avoided.

     It’s a good idea to massage the scalp with some warm oil, so that blood circulation improves the scalp and promotes hair growth.

    Coloring, straightening, too much hot water, drying the hair too much causes dandruff, itchy scalp and hair fall or even alopecia.

    Too much hot and greasy food with added emotional problem affects the liver and large intestine and ultimately results in hair fall.

    Lung and large intestine affect the skin and hair, affected by sadness and worry also liver chi stagnation.

    Cold food, cold liquids will affect the large intestine and cause hair fall.

    Hair must be cleansed with mild soap /shampoo to avoid any hair damage due to harsh chemicals.

    Action should be taken as soon as the person realizes that his/her hair is thinning. Acupuncture helps in maintaining the energy of large intestine, liver, and kidneys which are mostly responsible for good hair growth.

    Homeopathic medicines like Arnica , Brahmi can be taken internally or mixed with oil for massage.

    Alcohol consumption in excess will spoil the liver. Keeping one self hydrated and intern flushing out the kidneys well will ensure healthy hair

    Constipation is a result of many ill-lifestyle habits. A healthy gut represents healthy hair.

    Circulation of blood is not optimal if a person has cholesterol issues. So keep from too many oily foods.

    If the hair fall is abnormal one should check his thyroid level.

    Tips for healthy and lustrous hair

    ·         Vinegar, lime diluted with water can be used as a last rinse for clean and shiny hair.

    ·         Supplements of vitamin A, and vitamin E are sometimes recommended

    ·          A mixture of egg, hung curds (room temperature), oil, methi powder, mulethi powder, mehandi powder, chick pea flour, hibiscus powder and amla powder made into a paste with tea or coffee decoction. All ingredients or a few of them can be mixed and applied on hair and let it stay for 30 to 40 minutes and rinse with mild hair wash. People who can’t use egg can use vitamin E capsule (Evion 400) in the hair pack. Bald people should also try this pack.

    ·          Instead of dying your hair, one can mix the above ingredients in an iron vessel and keep it overnight and then apply.

    ·         For longer hair, platting the hair will help in better hair growth.

    If the hair is shiny and falling then it reflects heat energy, hence such person can go to sleep by wearing  a black cloth or cap .Where as the hair is dry and falling then one can wear red cloth or cap before going to bed.  

    Fear is the energy of old age, old age is the age for loosing hair and becoming bold, Today who should be naturally joyous, satisfied and happy are full of fear sadness and anxiety this is the main reason for baldness


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