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    Each year the birth anniversary Prof. Park Jae Woo the originator of sujok therapy is celebrated with reverence. Sujok therapists all over the world pay their homage to their guru by holding free sujok medical camps, awareness workshops and introductory classes. Our master devoted his full life to develop this science. Sujok is acupressure , acupuncture, color therapy, magnet therapy, twist therapy, exercises like Sam Won Dong and Sam Von Gong, meditation, direction therapy, time acupuncture, palm leaf therapy, seed therapy etc. 

    His scientific works include homo system of body correspondence, six ki therapy, eight origin theory, diamond energy, tri-origin theory, m-particle theory, smile yoga and many more. He has explained the oriental wisdom in terms of modern science. He was a visionary par excellence. 

    My whole day introductory training in Sujok at the “Hyderabad Children Aid Society” was in reality a blessing to me and my therapists. The students at the orphanage were so receptive to the course and to us is unmatched . The children learnt the techniques of Sujok with great ease. I am sure they will be able to tackle initially small problems like back ache, headache, eye problems and so on with hand of a healer. The little children knew that they would not get certificates like their elder sisters who are above 10th grade. It is amazing to recollect, and gives me goose bumps to write that class 2 children could remember and tell us about pressure points with amazing ease. 

    I am thankful to Ms. Jeny Gupta (Secretary) and the caretakers who have only love for the children in their heart. The Hyderabad Children's Aid Society at Nanalnagar, Hyderabad is a temple of love and affection. Not just as a human being but as healer I must comment that the children look very healthy, happy and intelligent. It was just amazing to see very few may be 3 to 4 in whole gathering of children we saw needed spectacles. I must write here that good eyes are due to healthy body organs especially liver. The healthy and balanced diet, good rules and regulations, open atmosphere, not much contact with cell phones and television sets and no junk food are some of good habits to be practiced. 

    Talking of the eyes, it is advisable that we look away from the computer screen in intervals to some other direction for a minute or two. The fixed gaze at the computer screen or children playing video games can cause myopia (short sightedness) and amblyopia ( lazy eye ) 
    Healthy eating keeps the liver in good shape and ultimately the eyes remain healthier. 


    In Sujok 'Su' means hand, and 'jok' means foot. In the standard correspondence where the full human body is projected on the hand and foot. The facial region is projected on the first phalange of the thumb hence we can proportionately look for the eyes in the upper one third region.

    Place two black pepper corns on a paper tape and place it on the eye correspondence of the thumb as shown in the picture. Leave it for minimum of two hours. We can use the two thumbs and big toes alternatively.

    Resting: staying awake late in the nights leads to over exertion. Resting helps to restore tired eyes.

    Palming: simply rub the palms together and gently place them over the eyes. This helps in relaxing itchy, inflamed and blurry eyes.

    Oleating/Nethrabhasti: massaging the eyes with cow ghee, helps cleanse the eyes (removes eye make up too :) soothes itchy and dry eyes. Eyes can be kept opened or closed. A drop of warm cow ghee in the eyes will relieve the dryness.

    Eye pad: placing cool eye pads with rose water/cucumber/raw potato water relaxes the eyes.

    Super foods:

    • Carrots-these orange coloured magic vegetable contains beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A which nourishes the retina and other parts of the eyes.
    • Leafy greens: these vegetables contain lutein and anti-oxidants which lowers the risk of macular degeneration and cataract. Spinach, mustard, broccoli, Indian gooseberry (amla) are rich in anti-oxidants which strenghten the eyes.
    • Eggs: are prime source of lutein and anti-oxidants plus zinc which help in lowering the risk of macular degeneration.
    • Citrus Fruits: are rich in vitamin C, which protect our eyes. Indian gooseberry (amla) is the richest source of vitamin and anti-oxidants.
    • Almonds: are filled with vitamin E. Handfull of soaked almonds provide half their daily dose.
    • Fatty fish: Tuna, salmon are rich in DHA, a fatty acid found in the retina of the eyes. Low levels of DHA may lead to dry eyes syndrome.

    Homeopathy for the eyes: certain homeopathic medicines can help in relieving problems of our eyes.

    • Alumina 200: for dry eyes
    • China 200 and Kaliphos: for good vision
    • Calcaria flour: for capillary integrity
    • Cineraria: eye drops for nourishing the eyes
    • Euphrasia: for dryness and irritation in eyes
    • Ruta G: tired eyes due to computer or eye strain.

    For the love of our eyes we will continue to do this for next three months. Please get back to us by liking this article. You will join the bandwagon of eye-lovers. We will document healthy eyes.


    Everything is energy, the human body, mind and spirit. The external and internal energies should be balanced, the various energies inside should also be balanced with each other.

    The principle of inter-connectedness also applies to different physical aspects of our bodies, for example, the liver organ co-relates with the eye, tendons, anger, spring and wind.

    The liver is most affected by stress and emotions, so are our eyes. Relax in the best way that appeals to you. All we are telling you is that you can feel emotional, express emotions but don't hold them. If you are irritated often or stressed out easily then you need an outlet. Though expression also should be in the norms of well being.

    Vitreous body is the clear gel that fills the space between the lens and the retina of the human eye. This liquid must be clear enough for light to pass through it.

    Eye floaters are undissolved vitreous gel in the eye, floating in the gel-like fluid (vitreous). This dead and dried gel detaches with the retina and cast shadows on the retina. It is a natural sign of ageing. Sometimes the eye ages faster than the body. They are more noticeable when we look at a bright light. They may appear as spots, strings, cobwebs which float in front of the eye since they do not let the light pass through.

    Sometimes when the floaters pull of the retina, they cause a tear with haemorrhage, and retinal detachment. The dryness energy of the vitreous body can be balanced, which can also prevent further damage.

    Liver is the organ we work upon and also on the heart, kidneys and lungs. The energy of the liver, lung, heart and kidneys is regulated by removing all stagnations and irregularities.

    Treatment on Chakra level-Anahata, Vishudha and Swadishtana also stop the degeneration.

    There are a lot of modalities and strategies to look after the eye and the disturbing floaters and flash lights.

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