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    HYPERTENSION - A cure in your own hand 

     Sujok has treatment and cure for high blood pressure patients , who will not be termed hypertensive for all their lives , they can be cured by balancing their extra pressure by , pressure pointing, acupuncture, treatment to balance their chakra's and meridians , but first and foremost changing lifestyle. There is something they are unknowingly doing which is putting too much pressure on their heart which their body cannot happily take . Don't give your body in the hands of an unknown doctor who is helping you only because you don't want to be responsible for your own self . It's easy to pop in pills , but please sit back and rethink your ways of life.

    People know but they live in denial. So the mantra is Om Shanti Om ! (meditation). During meditation since the blood vessels are relaxed there is good flow of blood to all parts of the body, mind and heart which will bring down the blood pressure to optimal . 
    A reading of 140/90 mm Hg or higher is considered high blood pressure. This reading should be around 120/80 mm Hg. The top number is called systolic and lower one is diastolic, it is the force of blood which pushes through the arteries, as the heart pumps the blood for circulation. 


    Headache, vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, brain disturbance, feeling of fullness in head, red sheen of face, neck stiffness, anger at drop of the hat ! ,  bitter taste in the mouth, disturbed sleep , insomnia, red coated tongue and jumpy pulse. 

    Only 25% people living with hypertension know that they are suffering from it, sometimes it does not show symptoms , it is better to get a regular checkup done on yearly basis, at least after the age of 35 years. Children can also get their pressure checked when they visit their doctor for any other ailment. 


    Quitting smoking, drinking alcohol in moderation, loosing body weight, low salt intake. Rock salt is better option than normal sodium content salt. Choosing the fat correctly for cooking, canola oil,mustard oil , coconut oil, olive oil and other cold pressed oils are better than refined oil. Variety of oils can be used in one kitchen. 


    Reducing salt and eating a plant based diet is good for hypertensive patients . 
    This winter warm soup of green vegetables, cucumber, green apples, whole mung or mung sprouts can be taken. By doing this excessive HEAT chi will be removed from the system , which is giving rise to your blood pressure. 
    All this is everyday care. Living mindfully is important, one has to understand his own body type and then live , eat, exercise to keep the body weight optimal. Reschedule your life often to bring out best in health. 


    If blood pressure patient takes the treatment initially two times a week and later reduce it to once a week and as improvement happens , which is different for different cases. They can come for maintenance. Pressure points can be learnt by training sessions. 
    Balancing the meridians and chakras of the body will give a smile life. 

    Heart Health

    Heart is a pump which circulates blood to all the organs , every cell and to it self through the circulatory system. The arteries and the veins should be in perfect health , clear and flexible, to do the job instructed to them. Since the coronary arteries in the heart supply blood for the proper functioning of the heart it self they should also be open and flexible and not coated with deposits which block their functioning.

    In oriental medicine heart is the energy of heat which is energy of desire about which we talk emotionally. Desire is ruled by the sence organs . The sence organ which is directly related to the heart is the tongue which has the sense of taste.

    It is very important to keep our heat in the form of desire balanced. Mutilated , too much or to less desire will only cause problems of health of the heart.

    The desire about what to eat is very well understood by the body if we are mindful. This is very difficult for most people as my guru ji Pd.Jasraj ji says.

    Most of the time we eat what our mother's eat and give us . Mothers would have noticed that some children don't want to eat sweet or some don't want to eat salty. This is their innate nature but in our desire to feed children what we like we give them food which their body actually does not need . By following friends and society we eat foods which are not right for our body type, this is when the body gets out of its comfort zone of ease and becomes diseased.


    Veins are the blood vessels responsible for bringing de oxygenated blood back to the heart. The pair of leaflet valves prevent the blood from flowing backwards, and the leg muscles pump to return the blood against the gravity.

    When these valves and muscles do not function properly or the individual stands for a long time or over strain them like the police men, athletes, weight lifters, cyclists, then varicose veins may happen.

    Varicose veins are superficial and not deep , they become enlarged and cause ulcers, painful or itchy legs, venous eczema, leg swelling, burning or weakness. Cosmetically some people don't like the look of their blue and black legs.

    Oriental medicine sujok acupuncture offers treatment without surgery. The condition is understood as statis of blood and energy stagnation.

    The practice of tongue diagnosis can reveal an area of dark purple patch on the tongue of the patient and can be verified on examining the legs etc.

    Blood statis and varicose is more than just for cosmetic reasons as healthy veins can reduce a whole lot of further complications.

    After a few sessions only improvement can be seen , as the colour of the skin lightens and the patient starts feeling better from his previous discomfort.

    High fiber diet and vitamin C helps to strengthen the vessel walls by rebuilding the connective tissues .

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