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    Weight loss with Raw mango juice (Panna) Raw mango contains Vitamin A, C, B, iron, calcium, and magnesium. The magnesium helps in losing weight and is an immunity booster. The acid in the mango is good for digestion and good to relieve constipation which ultimately helps in losing weight. By drinking raw mango juice in this summer apart from other health benefits like curing scurvy, loss of weight can be achieved by the energizing property of the raw mango. A piece of raw mango or a glass of raw mango juice after lunch will prevent the afternoon sleepiness which makes one put on weight. The vitamin C in raw mangoes makes the blood vessel flexible, remove cholesterol and detoxes. It also balances the bacteria and removes inflammation in the large intestine. Raw mango has more antioxidant properties which clears the toxins in the body and makes one slim and trim. Diabetics will also lose weight with raw mango juice. As a Sujok therapist I understand obesity is lacking in the wood element and having more of earth element. The deficiency of wood element is covered up by eating or drinking raw mango juice. This mango as a representative of the wood element penetrates the earth element results in burning fat. I work on increasing the wood element and reducing earth element by putting needles, magnets, seeds or colour on certain acupoints, also aiding in weight loss. In other words increasing wind energy or decreasing the humidity energy helps in removing the laziness from the body of the thyroid patients too.