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    SPINAL STENOSIS My name is Audisesha Reddy. My daughter-in law Leepakshi brought me here for Sujok therapy. I could not walk, though I am a farmer and used to walking a lot. There was pain in my foot to the knee while walking and numbness in the foot. I could not walk at all. Sudden jerk in my leg would make me very uncomfortable. Sometimes the pain used to travel to the hip and the back. Further I get cramps in my hands also. I felt totally depressed. I could not believe that some thin needles, magnets, or seeds can cure me of my big problem. But now I totally believe in Sujok therapy with its acupuncture, acupressure, colour, magnets and also the twist therapy which is similar to physiotherapy can give such quick results. This twist therapy is done just for a few minutes and creates a lot of change. I came for 7 sittings, by third sitting my pain has come down drastically. I am happy that I am going back to my village in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh very satisfied. I am able to walk for half an hour without pain. Thanking Alkaji, Shwetha, Shravanthi and Chitthra very much. FROM OUR DESK This back problem happens with aging. The aches and pains associated with it are severe. The pains have an equally complicated name 'neurogenic claudication', literally meaning difficulty to walk. The pain originates from the nerves. Our patient had spinal stenosis problem which was solved by Sujok therapy and twist therapy which is also developed by Prof. Park Jae Woo. Very soon Mr. Audisesha Reddy was able to walk without pain. As he will continue walking, the strength in his muscles will grow further. Due to stenosis in his neck area also he sometime had numbness in his hands which too could be cured. Many times just like this case surgery is suggested which can be avoided.