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    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. Celebrate festivals to come out of chronic obsessive disorder. OBSESSIVE THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS can start at any age. If the signs are understood by the family members, or by our own self the problem can be solved by taking professional help. Sujok understands that a person can get obsessive about a certain action like repeated checking the door at night , washing hands, cleaning or organising and re organising cupboards. Brooding over a certain incident, imagining accidents, thefts , unhappy situations creating a fear psychosis in their own minds and also creating the same into the minds of their family members and children. Insomnia , obesity, avoiding work place, eating too much or too less. Shunning society or phone calls. According to eastern philosophy life is not just limited to an individual's personal life alone. Family work, taking care of older parents and grand parents , cooking, cleaning, gardening, society welfare activities etc are all important activities in life. They all take mind away from chronic obsessive thoughts and actions. But if a person is living just for him self there are more chances that he can get into chronic obsessive disorder syndrome. Hence it is important that we take part in festivities and celeberations. Happy and unhappy ocassions of the family improves family bonding and gives joy in life. Breathing exercises , walking, running are good for the lung health. Lung health is important to keep the energy of too much dryness away. The excess of this energy makes a person perform the same action again and again . Such people remain unhappy, do not laugh and smile. On the physical front good oxygen supply due to healthy lungs and heart to all parts of the body will keep all organs too happy and smiling. Another organ which is related to obsession of one kind is the large intestine, specially the acute or sudden obsessive tendencies should to checked by taking care of the intestine . Eating right kind of foods , avoiding allergens, keeping track of the time of eating and defication. Constipation or diarrhoea are not not just a physical aspect of the body but are directly linked to the emotions specially when we notice that there is no infection yet there is an irritable bowel. Exercise will not only keep the gut happy but also take care of the obsessive chronic disorder.