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    HAIR GROWTH Hair growth is directly related to the amount of blood and its proper circulation to the scalp. Sujok therapy balances and harmonizes the body , restoring the energy and directing the flow of blood to the scalp. Calming and relaxing can be helped by acupuncture. Liver , kidney essence and spleen are all responsible for lustrous hair. Large intestine health is proportionate to skin , hair and nails. Poor diet or poor assimilation of nutrients are responsible for scanty hair or greying. Hence if you want good hair , it is important to eat a good balanced diet and on regular timings. Constipation and dandruff and hairfall are all related. Stress often causes blood stagnation, resulting in poor circulation of blood and Chi (energy) to the head. To nourish the hair , there should be good quality of blood and chi (energy). Periods or menstural cycle, chemotherapy , surgeries etc are reasons for hair fall. Thick healthy hair is a desire of all , for which sujok therapy helps in stopping and reversing baldness pattern . Diet rich in essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals are good for thick hair. Harsh sun and dust damage the hair. Sweating and unclean helmet can lead to unhealthy hair. Regular washing and cleaning of scalp is also important .Proper hygiene of pillow, helmet, combs, and hair brushes should be maintained. Inter-using of hair brushes and towels should be avoided. It’s a good idea to massage the scalp with some warm oil, so that blood circulation to the scalp improves and promotes hair growth. Coloring, straightening, too much hot water, drying the hair too much causes dandruff, itchy scalp and hair fall or even alopecia. Too much spicy and greasy food with added emotional problem affects the liver and large intestine and ultimately results in hair fall. Lung and large intestine affect the skin and hair, affected by sadness and worry and anger also leads to liver chi stagnation. Cold food , frozen foods and cold drinks will affect the large intestine and cause hair fall and baldness. Hair must be cleansed with mild soap /shampoo to avoid any hair damage due to harsh chemicals. Action should be taken as soon as the person realizes that his/her hair is thinning. Acupuncture helps in maintaining the energy of large intestine, liver, and kidneys which are mostly responsible for good hair growth. Alcohol consumption in excess will spoil the liver, and hair ultimately. Keeping one self hydrated and flushing out the kidneys well, will ensure healthy hair. Constipation is a result of many ill-lifestyle habits. A healthy intestine represents healthy hair. Circulation of blood is not optimal if a person has cholesterol issues. So keep away from too many oily foods. If the hair fall is abnormal one should check his thyroid level. Tips for healthy and lustrous hair Vinegar, lime diluted with water can be used as a last rinse for clean and shiny hair. Supplements of vitamin A, and vitamin E & C are sometimes recommended A mixture of egg, hung curds (room temperature), oil, methi powder, mulethi powder, mehandi powder, chick pea flour, hibiscus powder and amla powder made into a paste with tea or coffee decoction. All ingredients or a few of them can be mixed and applied on hair and let it stay for 30 to 40 minutes and rinse with mild hair shampoo wash. People who can’t use egg can use vitamin E capsule (Evion 400) in the hair pack. Bald people should also try this pack, hoping for hair growth. Instead of dying your hair, one can mix the above ingredients in an iron vessel overnight and then apply. This mixture can also be applied for alopecia. platting the hair will help the hair to grow longer. If the hair is shiny and falling then it reflects heat energy, hence such person can go to sleep wearing a black cloth or cap .If the hair is dry and falling then one can wear red cloth or cap before going to bed which reflects dryness energy. Fear is the energy of old age, old age is the age for loosing hair and becoming bald, Today when youngsters should be naturally joyous, satisfied and happy are full of fear, sadness and anxiety , this is the main reason for baldness.