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    CELEBRATE WORLD HEALTH DAY! BEAT THE SUN STROKE Sujok acupressure, acupuncture treatment understands summer heat energy as one of the five elements of nature called fire. We have to live in harmony with our body and also with the environment, hence people whose fire element or heat energy is constitutionally high have more growth in summers with the extra heat energy. As long as their body heat does not go more than the margin of norms they are healthy and happy. There is a lot of joy in the atmosphere, as summer represents joy .Spiritual growth is also possible during the hot summer months. People who are less in the fire element or the heat energy can get benefit from the atmospheric heat and the influence can better their lives more during summers. Summer is the time which gives a push to people’s desires, so we must let children do what they want, to better their talents, they will surely improve and with a lot of passion. Love blossoms in warmth, love and heat are the same energies, so smile and enjoy with friends and family. Much more chances for infertile couples to conceive. This is the best time to start a family. If a person lacks in heat energy in him, or in other words the fire in him is lacking, he could be under depression, this too can be cured by increasing the heat in his body through Sujok and summer is the best time to work with such patients and balance their meridians and chakras and bring harmony to their life. When the heat energy is balanced the heart is functioning normally, and the person keeps a happy disposition. Excess of heat energy can give high blood pressure and even maniac condition. Balanced fire will keep the digestion perfect too with the small intestine breaking down the food well. Too much fire can give insomnia, sun stroke, sudden collapse, high fever, heart palpitation, burning sensation in the body and the skin, discomfort due to heat which is more in these people than the people around them. Rapid pulse, headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, vertigo and dizziness, excess sweating, abnormal thirst, dry and cracked lips, burning in urine, and constipation. Take electrolytes, eat less sugar and less chilies, hydrate with sips of water throughout the day, eat lots of vegetables, some amount of fruit, apple cider vinegar. Cool not cold drinking water will harmonize the heat energy within. Lemon eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, Tea tree oil, sandalwood oils are cooling .They take away burns and pains of summer heat.