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    HEALTHY HABITS Forming or changing habits is not an easy task even though our favorite guru or the ever concerned family doctor has advised. The Japanese have a great system called Kaizen where Kai means change, Zen means good. It is a relentless pursuit to excellence, better habits and better life skills. We are very happy in our comfort zones, hence it is very painful to change a habit. Management, production at work or health keeps deteriorating as resolutions fail in the first week itself. Eating habits and exercise routines go back to old bad habits as soon as we get back from various health or reform centers. The Japanese believe in continuous change which is minimum but continuous. Say if you want to start an exercise routine and can’t do it, just go the kaizen way, say you decide to do one push up as soon as you wake up the first day, or do one push up before a bath , do two the next day and keep increasing, but there should be no missing day. Scientists believe that a habit can be formed in a second, 365 days or even a life time; depending on the intensity you perceive the situation. Say if you once got burnt with hot water in childhood you will always be careful while handling it , this habit is formed instantly. A habit of keeping your food plates in the wash yourself is inculcated, if your parents have taught you from childhood. So once you inculcate a good habit let it grow on you slowly and let the change be conscious as a life time process. This habit changing formula applies to relationships, carrier, health or any facet of life. In a relationship a person decides to smile, hug or say a few good words as soon as he wakes up in the morning. The habit of sharing happy notes, appreciation, remembering to fulfill the smallest of wish of a loved one becomes a habit, the consciousness of fulfilling one's friends wish as soon as the time permits is a conscious decision which is a continuous affair. Caring about one's health becomes a habit, a way of life starting with any small step which is closest to your heart, it could be eating your favorite healthy food , going for a long morning walk , waking up early in the morning, going for a marathon or a sport, eating a healthy breakfast, drinking water first thing in the morning to drinking warm water every few hours, the list can and must grow . The beauty of this system is that you keep adding to your present list of good eating habits all through your life. I must add that the secret of staying young is change, new ideas and desire to keep moving on, always remember stagnation makes you old. Growth in carrier will surely happen if you decide to wake up early and use the most active time of the day, the circadian cycle, and the body clock which runs with the sun. There can be different chronotypes but all human beings can develop to become active around 5 am and restful around 9 pm. People who wake up early are generally more disciplined, proactive, efficient, have more time on their hand to handle any untoward situation or emotions. Reward yourself each time you continue your good habit by telling yourself “I am awesome” Resist temptation to leap, keep growing according to your own pace. Do not miss a day in the formatting period so that the habit is formed for good. Sujok acupuncture therapy has a method of working with energies , some people have more dryness energy due to which they do not change, cannot form new habits, we work on their meridians and chakras and help them reform .
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    IMMUNITY AND WINTER ALLERGIES Immunity is body’s capacity to resist harmful pathogens from entering the body. People worry that their immunity is low and start popping pills at the advent of change of season and call their body to be allergic, asthmatic, prone to cold and cough etc. A lot of people blame their genes to be allergic prone and since the grandmother, and mother too are allergic so it’s simple that without any qualms they too carry the same genes and simply take medicines .There is a study called epigenetic which has proven that the million dollar industry of trying to alter the genetic code through surgical procedures is not required. The health of a person can be altered by gene expression, by the environment we give to a person, the way he lives, positive thinking rather than altering the gene code itself. The gene does not change but how it expresses itself can change your health. The gene can at the most tell the colour of your eyes which could be a blue or brown but he function of the eye would depend on how you live .We can change the disease by changing the mind, our behavior and positivity. Dr. Bruce Lipton has himself referred the positive effect of placebo and the negative effect of nocebo. The moment we become conscious of the healing energies around us, we have a very positive effect on our body. The body starts healing itself. The body has inbuilt healing capacity and no sooner we think positive, and start consciously looking after our troubled or sick organ in different ways of right eating, exercise and thought, the body starts to heal itself. On the contrary the moment the doctors diagnoses the blocked arteries, or the resistance of insulin by the body or the degenerated spinal cord, the body goes into a fear psychosis and treats as an emergency condition and the medicines and surgeries become a must from day one. Life just doesn't seem possible without drugs and starts to have a negative impact and starts dying. This is called the nocebo effect. This winters let the placebo effect rule your life, let the sun shine in your hearts and mind. Be peaceful, relax, and keep some time first thing in the morning for your wellbeing. Consciously, happily, thankfully live in grace.